ABAQSYS Ingénierie, a mechanical engineering design office, supports its customers from design to validation of complex mechanical parts and structures. We specialize in numerical simulation, mechanical design, measurement and 3D scanning.

Calculation is Innovation

A multidisciplinary team at your service

Based in Auxerre since 2010, ABAQSYS Ingénierie is a company on a human scale that helps industrial companies optimize their products right from the design phase, using sophisticated calculation methods. The team’s skills are focused on service quality and availability.

Responsiveness, flexibility, optimized costs, attention to quality requirements, project follow-up and transparency of approach are all part and parcel of the service that ABAQSYS Ingénierie’s partners and customers are looking for.

Enhancing our customers' competitiveness

Heir to a major national laboratory, ABAQSYS ingénierie has the resources to earn the trust of demanding customers:

In the most varied fields of industry

Aeronautics, automotive, rail, nuclear transport and energy, metallurgy and boiler making, lifting and heavy handling structures, urban furniture, press tooling, plastic injection, medical devices, etc. ABAQSYS Ingénierie is well versed in the technical and financial requirements of major industrial groups and SMEs from a wide variety of backgrounds.

A high value-added service

Working on creative and innovative projects: this was the aim of the 4 co-founders at the origin of the structure. Such a project requires the ability to challenge oneself to master advanced technologies and provide a high value-added service.

Creative & Innovative Projects

This was the aim of the 4 co-founders who created the structure. A project like this requires the ability to challenge oneself to master advanced technologies and provide a high value-added service.

Sharing skills

With its scientific partners and top-level industrialists. Today, ABAQSYS Ingénierie provides concrete answers and advances the competitiveness of manufacturers who want to give themselves the means to succeed in their most ambitious projects.

A long-term commitment to reliability

By creating their own structure, the founders, who had been working as a team for a long time, committed themselves together to a long-term project.
ABAQSYS Ingénierie still has this value in its genes today. For its customers, this commitment guarantees :
  •  meeting deadlines,
  •  price compliance,
  • the relevance of the methods and resources used.