In today’s fast-moving world, taking on new challenges and sharing knowledge is the key to staying at the cutting edge of technology.

ABAQSYS Ingénierie provides advice in its areas of expertise to industrialists who are innovating, and assists its customers with the implementation of new methods.

ABAQSYS Ingénierie works with the largest analysis laboratories and technical centres to support its customers in their industrial problems. FILAB, CETIM, CRITT, CSTB,…

- Material analysis - Mechanical and chemical testing
- Instrumentation - Strain gauges and data acquisition systems
- Measurement of parts
- Characterisation of defects
- Root cause investigation
- Introduction to finite element analysis.
- Sizing of mechanically welded assemblies, interpretation of shell models.
- Introduction to the use of FEM 1.001 rules (Heavy lifting and handling equipment).
- Introduction to the resistance of materials applied to the mechanical design office.
- Development of specific tools
- Introduction to fractional factorial experimental designs.
- Functional analysis and assistance in drafting functional specifications.
- Introduction to the use of FMEA.
- Technology and general mechanics.